To help patients to obtain health services, diagnoses, treatments, operations and surgery

    • Translation of your file into Spanish ;
    • Transmission of your official request in English, French and Spanish to the appropriate specialists and all communications regarding the services desired;
    • Reception of the « Personalized Program » and the translation of this document into your language ;
    • Transmission by fax or E-mail of the program ;
    • Translation and transmission of all questions and answers to and from the Cuban medical specialists ;
    • Conversion into Canadian dollars of all costs, according to the daily exchange rate ;
    • Preparation for your departure and all practical instructions (several documents are provided with useful information for the traveller);
    • Assistance with the reservation and purchase of your airplane ticket:
    • Reception by an associate of HSI upon arrival at the airport in Cuba and personal transport to your clinic ;
    • Admission procedures at the clinic (done by HSI before your arrival) ;
    • Interpreter services for important moments: (understanding exam results, making decisions on treatments, recovery from surgery…etc);
    • Possibility of extending your stay for vacation (our collaborators on site) ;
    • Transport to the airport at the end of treatments ;
    • Upon your return, medical follow-up with the specialists;


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