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Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a genetic disease that causes a slow deterioration of the vision which ultimately leads to blindness.
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Orthopedic surgery in Cuba: It is often difficult to find qualified orthopedic surgeons in Canada.
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Dental Care

Outine exams – Dental cleaning – Fillings – Root canal treatments -Bridges and crowns – Dentures – Dental implants: available at really reasonable prices
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Seeing a physician for routine checkups is a good way to stay healthy and prevent small, treatable problems
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Cosmetic Surgery

Both men and women are taking advantage of affordable rates on esthetic or aesthetic surgery in Cuba.
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The Cuban medical system now offers medical services for Canadians. Health Services International (Servimed) Inc. is the agency officially recognised by Turismo y Salud and the Cuban medical system.

In your decision to get medical care in Cuba, Health Services International (Servimed) Inc. will assist and guide you. Your medical file is transferred to the best specialist for the type of diagnosis, treatment or operation that you need.

- Alain LeclercPrésident (PCC et CRHA)

Health Services International (Servimed) Inc. has broad professional experience in the field. Our experienced personnel will guide you in the very important step you are planning, which is to take your own health in hand.