DiagnosticsRegular medical checkups are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Seeing a physician for routine checkups is a good way to stay healthy and prevent small, treatable problems from becoming serious health concerns.

Unfortunately, many Canadians put off seeing a doctor for many reasons. One reason that Canadians do not see a doctor as often as they should is because of the long wait at the doctor’s office. Many Canadians have indicated that it is not uncommon to wait for periods of up to four hours to be seen by a doctor. This four hour waiting period was the amount of time patients who had appointments waited before seeing their doctor.

There is another, even larger problem that is just as pervasive as the long, frustrating wait to see a doctor. In Canada, many patients have endured the long wait in their doctor’s office to be seen by a physician, to be finally told them that there was nothing medically wrong with them.

Some of these patients, skeptical of this judgment, have sought out second opinions, only to discover that they were suffering from a treatable medical condition. Chronic headaches and gastrointestinal irritation were among the most common symptoms these patients had experienced.

It is unfortunate that these patients suffer from ailments that are not only treatable but often easily diagnosed. At HEALTH SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (HSI) SERVIMED we have found a solution to the long waits at doctors’ offices as well as the lack of quick and proper diagnosis.

As members of a global community, we as Canadians have the option to seek medical attention from any physician anywhere in the world. For some time now, Health Services International has been sending patients to Cuba to be seen by physicians. Cuban physicians complete the same rigorous training as physicians in Canada and America. In fact, many Cuban physicians complete medical school in Canada and America and choose to work in Cuba.

HEALTH SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (HSI) SERVIMED has sent a number of patients to Cuba who were seen by doctors in Canada only to be told that there was nothing that could be done for them. Not only were these patients seen by highly skilled doctors in Cuba, they were able to be successfully treated for ailments that were undetected by Canadian physicians.

Why not have your next routine medical checkup done in Cuba? In addition to being seen by a highly skilled staff of doctors and nurses in clean state of the art facilities, you can take advantage of all of Cuba’s tourist attractions while you are there. Cuba has been a vacation destination for years because of its’ gorgeous beaches and rich cultural heritage. The four hour plane trip is in many cases less time than you would spend waiting to see a doctor at home.