SSI (Servimed)
35 de la Montagnette
Québec, Qc.
G2A 3X5

Phone : 1-877-774-2822 (Toll free in Canada and the United States)

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Monday to Thursday : 8 :30 am to 4 :30 pm
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Alain Leclerc

Alain is the president of Health Services International (Servimed) Inc. Certified Professional Coach and Registered Adviser in Human Resources, he has work during about fifteen year within the network of Quebec health for then devoting itself to reinforce the communication and collaboration between peoples and teams. Well informed about the reality of the Canadian and Cuban health systems, its vision leads it to regard HSI as a liaison officer favorable to the combination of the respective forces of these two systems and to the emergence of an optimal and economic response to the needs for health of its customers.



Lucie Vermette

Lucie is founder of HSI (Servimed). She worked to set up this services as a direct result of her own health troubles; to help others avoid the suffering and anxiety she experienced. Mrs. Vermette has a long history of action in social and humanitarian causes.




Manon Tremblay

Manon probably will be your first contact with us. In charge of the customers services, Manon assumes the responsibility to introduce you our services and to explain all the operation of our connection process. She will answer all your questions and, beyond any uncertainty, will be going to the sources and promptly return to you with answers. Customers service is one of her forces. It is quite natural for her to listen and answer people’s needs with comprehension and smile in her voice.

Mother of two children, she spent four years to serve banking field customers before being orderly (nurse’s aid) for long duration beneficiaries in the hospital environnement. Those nine years at the service of people living some very difficult situations contributed to reinforce her natural empathy and devotion. Then Manon also takes care of the administrative follow-up and needs of the clients in a famous dentist’s surgery clinical of the Québec area. Finally, her great sense of listening and her funny simplicity makes her the best person to welcome our customers with the greatest care.