Pay it forward – Chantal Lacroix

The motto of Health Services International – Servimed. During her convalescence, Mrs. Vermette, founding president of Health Services International, listened to the programs of Chantal Lacroix: “Donner au suivant” (“Pay it Forward”). For her it was a form of energy that helped in her healing process.

During this time of retreat, she reflected on  »how to give to others” as she felt that life had been generous for her.

And this was her inspiration to help people like herself, who suffer the anxiety and insecurity of waiting lists, for diagnosis or for treatment.

This philosophy of “Pay it forward” became the motto of Health Services International – Servimed.

The staff of Health Services International often recommends that people happy with their treatment in Cuba  »Pay it forward ». And many do so, the chain of kindness continues.

Thank you to Chantal Lacroix for the inspiration she gave to her listeners. If everyone does a simple gesture of kindness or tolerance, at least once a week, while recommending to:  »Pay it forward », our whole society will be transformed.

The testimony of Chantal Lacroix

TTo cure my vitiligo, I chose to seek treatment in Cuba. I worked with Health Services International – Servimed. Everything went very smoothly. They are warm-hearted people, dedicated to do more than just their work. It is a vocation for them. The staff is extremely kind. They take care of us from the beginning and all the way through, until we return.

In Cuba, the friendliness of the staff is quite remarkable. We are well informed and we are told the real facts. They take us in and we feel secure. The clinic is clean, though very modest by our standards. They know what they are doing and where they going.

Chantal Lacroix