Cosmetic surgery

Chirurgie esthétiqueBoth men and women are taking advantage of affordable rates on esthetic or aesthetic surgery in Cuba.

Until recently, elective surgery was only available to the rich and famous. Now, more and more women and men are taking advantage of reasonable rates on esthetic surgery in Cuba.

Women, and more and more men, wanting to look younger or simply correct slight imperfections and blemishes are finding this possible with the help of Health Services International.

We will walk you through the process of identifying your goals, building a case file and pairing each client with a group of professionals specialized in your personal needs.

After you receive the medical procedure you desire, you can make a full recovery at a sea-side resort.

Why not? You deserve the very best! Here are some examples of reasonable prices:

Eye-lids: $990.00
Complete face lift,
including eye-lids: $2,600.00
Rhinoplasty (“nose job”): $1,700.00
Mini face lift:
Breast lift: $1,430.00
Breast augmentation
procedure only
(without prosthesis): $1,390.00
(The implants are
approximately $2,000,
depending on the model)
(“Tummy tuck”):
Liposuction – abdomen:
Liposuction – thighs,
hips, abdomen:

NB: These prices are approximate.

It can vary according to the age and general health condition of the person and the importance of the surgery needed. Those prices include nurses, medical and surgical cares as well as all exams before the surgery. It doesn’t include lodging (private room and meals), plane ticket or hotel if necessary.
Please, communicate with us for the exact plastic surgery price for you.