Dental Care

Soins dentairesDentists and oral surgeons in Cuba offer a full range of products and services available in other countries, but at a significantly lower cost.

Here are some of the products and procedures available:

Services : Routine exams, Dental cleaning, Fillings , Root canal treatments , Bridges and crowns, Dentures, Dental implants , Maxillo-facial surgery: available at really reasonable prices

Dental implants are not available at this time.

For certain procedures, such as crowns and bridges, it may be necessary to stay as long as two weeks in Cuba.

It is difficult to give a precise cost for any particular procedure before the specialists can study the file and examine recent panoramic x-rays. Generally speaking the prices in Cuba are much lower than dental care here in Canada.

Root Canals can cost from 150.00 to 250.00 CUC.

Crowns can cost between 100.00 and 300.00 CUC.

These services attract more and more Canadians, given the fine quality and reasonable prices that are offered.