O. Lecompte, Montreal area, Aesthetic surgery.
Through my research on internet, I discovered the agency. Several calls « to reassure myself » then later, I chose to trust.

I was supported from day 1 before even paying the inscription fee, until I returned from Cuba. 6 months of questioning and doubt on my part. Not regarding the agency, but about my own choice to go to Cuba. Talking about the event to my relatives helped, but sometimes did not help. But I can say that the people around me who know me and especially those who travel, they all encouraged me 100%.

From my arrival at the clinic in Havana, on July 19 until my last visit July 29, 2010, I have nothing but positive comments. My arm-lifting, which I talked about for a long time, was done by the hands of masters. 4 doctors ensured my comfort before, during and after the surgery. I felt like someone important to them and I was really in good hands. The hospital staff always smiling, friendly, helpful, loving and discrete do a great job: every person, even the doctors knocked before entering my room.

My physical installation was in a private room, air conditioned, with a full bathroom, with magnetic key-card. It was very comfortable.

Although the « operating » facilities were minimal, they were at the high standard of the service received.

My degree of satisfaction is such that I will return in July 2011 for other physical “renovations”.
Thank you to the team: Alexandre, who gained my confidence from the beginning! Lucie who always had the right word to reassure me… and Lynn who piloted all documents along the straight and narrow!

M. Courcy, Montreal area, treatment for vitiligo.
I enjoyed the whole organization as for the medical side. As for the meals, it was very different from ours. Outside the clinic and the hotel it is difficult to be understood.

S. Carbonneau, Sherbrooke region, operation for retinitis pigmentosa.
Journal Actualité
Let us hope that this kind of operation can one day be done here.

A. Coursol, Pincourt region, retinitis pigmentosa.
I was surprised at the excellent professionalism of doctors, nurses and attendants. I am very satisfied with the result.

B. Crevier, Montreal area, Dental care
Great professionalism. Personally, dental treatment has never been so pleasant. The simplicity, the warmth of the Cubans made the experience very bearable.

M. Duguay, Sherbrooke region, plastic surgery.
Very pleased and satisfied with the service. I had a liposuction of the thighs and hips. I recommend it anytime. The Cuban doctors are really “top-notch”.

P. Fournier, Sherbrooke area, plastic surgery.
I had a tummy tuck in Cuba. Doctors who operated on me are very competent and caring.I am extremely satisfied and I would not hesitate to use their service again.

D. Genest, Shawinigan, psoriasis.
I wish to thank Mrs. Vermette and her assistant for their professionalism toward me. They have shown themselves available at all times and it was very reassuring for me. I recommend their service to anyone. Thank you from my heart. I am very satisfied with the reception and treatment received from all of you.

J-C. Hivon, Ste-Anne de la Perade region, retinitis pigmentosa.
This is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life (besides the birth of my children !) The only regret I have is not having experienced this before when I was 16-17 years’ old. I was amazingly surprised at the quality of care and competence of doctors at this clinic. They know so much about this disease … they almost do miracles! If only all the people who are suffering from this disease would be aware of what they do there. And that they should not be afraid of this surgery.

L. Laforest, La Plaine region, retinitis pigmentosa.
The nurses are very nice, very patient, very attentive to our needs despite the problem of foreign language communication. For the services, everything is fine.

C. Lafrance, Mont St-Hilaire region, retinitis pigmentosa.
I was very young and I still remember very well, I stubbed my toes very often. Without doubt, retinitis pigmentosa had already attacked my visual field. Surprisingly, I was only diagnosed at the age of 27, in 1987.

In the early years, I sought ways to avoid becoming blind. Not a chance. The only concrete thing that I have been given was to take large doses of vitamin A to slow the disease. So, when I saw, by chance, on June 12 2008 a young woman who was doing a fundraising event to go for surgery in Cuba at a clinic which was opened since 1992, I was both surprised and shocked not to have heard about this clinic before and also sceptical for a long time… until I could make my own opinion. I read the book written by Dr. Pelaez Orfilio on retinitis pigmentosa, on the information obtained during a special gathering with Dr. Alberto Barrientos, current principal surgeon of the clinic in Cuba and also my meeting with three ladies who had been operated and for which the results were conclusive. I have spoken widely around me and with unanimity, all persons who had experienced the medicine in Cuba were praising its excellence. For me, this was a deliberate decision after long months of research and anxiety: What if it was true?

I think the ophthalmologists in Quebec do not realize the sword of Damocles that we, the people with retinitis pigmentosa, have over our heads. The prospect of completely losing sight is terrible and I had to try to numb the fears buried in me for years to move ahead in life despite everything. You can not imagine what it is, unless you live with it. Also, being taken hostage between ophthalmologists of Quebec hiding information and denigrate the treatment of Cuban doctors, and the hope that there they can stop the progression of my disease and remove the sword, this fear of losing sight is ripping you. You can not imagine! Even though I am rational, thoughtful, I spent months of anxiety. Once the decision was taken in October, I went away and had no intention of backing out. I felt I was on the right track

Perhaps you will not believe me, but I believe that there are messages in life and since my decision has been taken, I had dozens of life messages that confirmed to me that I was on the right track. Everything went like magic. All the elements are in place. For example, many people have offered to pray for me, I gladly accepted. You will not believe me, perhaps not, but these prayers and good thoughts have supported me throughout this adventure and allowed me to live an extraordinary experience. We also had the chance to meet extraordinary people, who have become friends for life. The operation as everything else was a success. Despite the difficulties and pitfalls throughout, solutions were left on my path and allowed me to move forward. Of course, I did my part to prepare myself, but I felt the magic working and I assure you I made the right choice!

What is the result? I am convinced that I will not lose my sight, at least not by retinitis pigmentosa. In my case, the disease was so advanced (stage three, with only ten degrees of visual field), it is highly unlikely that I will improve. But I think it was time. Who knows how long I had before the great darkness? Maybe not much … I can not help but thank life and all those who supported me so nicely since last fall. Thank you a thousand times, you helped me a lot!

Finally, I would say you must have lived a few days in a hospital in Cuba to realize how much our health system is ill in Quebec. Here, we calculate profitability by the number of medical acts we pose because they are measurable. There, the patient is placed in the center of the action and we take care, treating the patient as a whole, with emotions and feelings. Here, however, it is well known that emotions affect our health. But we put the weight entirely on the patient so that he calms down, while making life hell, for example, by making him wait for hours or days in a corridor … Then, when a doctor from here will come in front of me disparaging against medicine in Cuba, I will tell him that he does not know what he is taking about and he should go and see by himself instead of having opinions based on “who knows what”.

B. Lamontagne, Quebec area, plastic surgery.
I was so afraid of this surgery but I felt confident with your surgeon. The doctor explained to me several times every stage of my surgery, what a patient! My anesthesiologist was great with me, reassuring, all day he came to greet me, a lovely Doc! Very nice experience for me. I loved the human side of all these people ….

M. Laplante, Montreal area, plastic surgery.
It was a pleasure to be operated in a clinic in Havana. The medical staff was friendly and attentive. The doctors took the time to answer all my questions, and to reassure me. The clinic was very clean. Food very good. It was very safe to use your agency. The interpreter was very available.

M. Poirier, Montreal area, retinitis pigmentosa,
It was an incredible experience. Lots of emotions. The staff was very welcoming and warm. The future will demonstrate the results, but for now, if I had to do it over, I would go back.

F. Racine, Montreal area. Retinitis pigmentosa.
Despite my many health problems, medical personnel from Cuba has been extraordinary and very professional. They earn in a month what I make in one hour with my job and they work hard 6 days a week with a smile. For the first time, I felt like a human being and not a number that you keep waiting for nine hours on a chair to see a doctor for about 5 minutes and still worry because you have again a medication that doesn’t work. Medicine in Cuba is the medicine of love and respect. The results of my surgery are positive and this experience would have given me the chance to fight against my retinitis pigmentosa, which in the system we have here was not offered. Thank you HSI.

D. Tanguay, Sherbrooke area, cosmetic surgery.
I loved my experience, my husband too. People are very friendly, very good care.

J. Thouin, Bois des Fillions region. Plastic surgery.
I just returned from a trip to Cuba where I had plastic surgery. I’m so excited, everyone is telling me that I look 10 years younger! It was really worth it to trust Health Services International. Why hesitate? It is so wonderful and affordable.

Richard D. – Montérégie :
“ The experience in Cuba was agreeable. I realised that we are far from receiving this kind of service, so fast, as what I received at the Clinic. The decorum, the nurses in white with their caps, the doctors in white gowns, the visits by 4 doctors in the room in the morning, the time they take to explain to the patient what they discovered, all this reminded me of the ’50’s in Quebec, but with the knowledge and equipment of the 21st century….Oh, how the people of Quebec deserve this kind of service.”

M. Poirier, studant, Montréal area: (opération for la retinitis pigmentosa) :
“ It was an unbelievable experience ! Very emotional! The personnel was welcoming and warm. If I had to do it over, I would go back for sure.”

Anne Lortie, young mother, Montréal area :
 » My doctor advised me to register with Louis Braille because I was going to become blind, as he had diagnosed  » retinitis pigmentosa « . I went be operated in Cuba because there is no treatment here. The miracle occurred! I shall never be blind and I even got back a part of my lost vision! « 

Jean-Guy G., retired, Outaouais region :
« I was very worried of having cancer because my 2 sisters died from it. I went to Cuba for a simple diagnosis because in spite of symptoms, here they found nothing. I returned relieved and cured. In less than 2 weeks, I knew what to expect.

M. Lefrançois, region of Granby :
« With 2 herniated discs, I suffered so much that I could not sleep any more; I could no longer manage my small business which deals on the international stage. In less than 2 weeks I received surgery and I recovered all my energy and my capacities. My life is not the same !”

C Desgagnés, region of Quebec, mother of Steve Lajeunesse, affected by the Usher syndrome and retinitis pigmentosa :
« Besides being deaf, Steve was going to become blind. For him, it was worse than death. After the operation and the treatments in Cuba, Steve is completely transformed. He is serene and he now looks forward to a beautiful future « .

L. Blanchet and C. Doyon, Beauce region :
« It is barely believable! All the hospital staff are very warm, the hospital is of an incomparable cleanliness and the care services are of a rare professionalism. Moreover, we will be going back.”

I. Beauchamp, Montreal region :
 » I received care by specialists devoted to their profession who were very competent and very human. A journey which was worth the trouble! »

Joanne Dumouchel, mother of 9-year-old Ashley :
« When we learned 2 years ago our daughter would become blind, as parents we were devastated. We learned about HSI in June, by watching a program on television. We did not hesitate to go to Cuba because we wanted the best treatments. When we came back, family and friends lent a hand to organise a fund-raising event to help pay our expenses for the voyage. It is all like a miracle! It is very comforting to realise that there are people in this world who want to help and your agency is definitely within this category.”

D. Forget, Montreal, suffering from severe back-pain for over 10 years :
“ An extraordinary experience! The warmth and friendliness of the Cubans counts for a lot. The hospital is very clean which is reassuring considering the possibility of infections. I felt that the doctors listened to me. Moreover, they visited me every morning to see that everything was going well. Very reassuring. They are courteous, professional and efficient. They found the cause of my pain and they operated on me. Now we have to wait 3 months to allow the graft to take properly…to be continued…”

March 2008, 2nd visit to Cuba for verification :
“I had the 2nd most beautiful day of my life, the first was obviously when they told me the nature of my problem. Now the loop is closed. The graft has taken and consequently I can finally close the door on that black part of my life for these last 11 years. I wish to thank you particularly, HSI, for your part in this happy ending. I will be eternally grateful to you.”

Brigitte I, 15 yrs old, Montréal region ; severe psoriasis :
“I learned a lot from this experience and above all it helped me because I will be able to get better. The Cubans are wonderful and kind and they want to help.
Muchas Gracias ! »

J. Chiquette, Dolbeau-Mistassini ; operated for retinitis pigmentosa :
“I am very satisfied. The doctors are very clear, they cannot cure this disease, but they can stop the progression. In my case, I am proud of my operation as I still have a good quality of life.”

J. Savard, Montréal; went to Cuba for dental implants :
“ I found that the personnel showed great rigor in the care services – affable administrative personnel – the rooms are very clean – excellent service on all aspects…”

L. H., Montréal region :
“I was very happy with my experience and I will be going back for the ozonotherapy treatments”