Services in Cuba

Come and discover a wonderful place where health care services are offered with competence and efficiency in the comfort of a respected hospital center. Cuban hospitals offer all the services that we find in the large hospital centers in North America. Some health care centers are world renowned for their expertise in diagnosticsand specific treatments.

Here is a list of some of the treatments available:

Retinitis pigmentosa
Vitiligo & Psoriasis
Dental Care
Loss of hair
Aesthetic surgery
Neurological Rehabilitation
Tests, Examinations & diagnostics

The Cuban specialists re-do all the medical tests and give you the diagnosis on the spot. Treatments or surgery can begin the next day, in most cases.
Hospitals and Clinics:

The hospitals and clinics have “state-of-the-art” operating rooms and their highly trained specialists operate in an atmosphere of calm and concentration.

The personnel have the time to give you full attention at all times.

You will have the opportunity to see your doctor upon waking up from surgery and regularly during your stay. They are very attentive and your condition is important to them. These doctors have the time to develop a relation with their patients. They practise in a healthy environment and they are proud of their work. They will even make house calls, if it is needed.
In these institutions we find :

Hospitals with an incomparable cleanliness and an impeccable hygiene.
Private rooms with private bath, television with national and international satellite channels. You also have the opportunity to have a suite, like in a hotel. Meals are generous. You will have a choice among three different menus at each meal as well as several snacks. Following the agreement signed with Cubanacan Turismo Y Salud, HSI( Servimed) offers access to over 20 hospital centers specially set up for an international clientele.


If you wish to be accompanied by a spouse or friend, that person can stay with you in the same room for a minimal fee.