Why go to Cuba for medical services

Health Services International HSI (Servimed) *has chosen Cuba for these services, for three important reasons :

Cuba has the technology and the expertise to offer quality medical care ;


Did you know that infant mortality in Cuba is 5.3 per thousand? In Canada this is 5.5 per thousand and in the USA it is 8.26 per thousand births.

And did you know that life expectancy in Cuba is also greater than that of the USA (78.6 years expectancy in Cuba compared to 77.9 in the USA)??? In Canada our life expectancy is 80.7*.
In Cuba the number of doctors per capita is very high. We note 58.2 doctors per 10,000 population in Cuba compared to 27.9 in the USA.

Many Cuban hospitals are certified ISO 14,001 ( Hygiene, work-place security, environment) and ISO 9001 ( general quality control). These are internationally certified standards of quality. Many hospitals in developed countries do not meet these standards.

Cuba is a poor country which has placed its priorities in the right places, which is to say, in education and health services. It is a socialist country that offers complete free education and health care to all citizens. That is why these two sectors are particularly well-developed and may be the envy of many developed countries.

* Sources : pocket World in Figures 2006, The Economist, pp. 78-9. Pocket World in Figures 2004, The Economist, pp. 76-7. ; passeportsanté.net;

2. Cuba is only 4 hours by air from Canada

It is preferable that the destination be not too far. For health services, we wish to limit long voyages.

3. Cuba offers HSI Servimed* and its clients
prices which are very reasonable !

HSI Servimed* has made many representations to the personnel of Cubanacan Turismo Y Salud and the hospitals and they have heard our concerns. That is why the prices are reasonable for all.Considering the growing number of Canadians that we send to Cuba, you could benefit from substantial savings.

* Health Services International HSI (Servimed) Inc