Health Services International began operation in January of 2007

Since then, HSI has collaborated with Cubanacan Turismo Y Salud (Servimed), to prepare medical files, to assure professional services, communications and logistics for the organization of travel for medical services.

The quality of medical services and good collaboration have made a close relationship possible between these two organizations, which is why Health Services International will become: Health Services International (Servimed) Inc. The story of a good idea. The idea of starting Health Services International came to Ms. Lucie Vermette when she had to wait six frustrating months to receive diagnosis for a serious illness.

The long wait had a negative effect on her life in many ways.

Ms. Vermette wanted to help others avoid the unbearable wait that she had endured.

At Health Services International we believe that waiting for long periods of time before receiving diagnosis can:

- ggravate the underlying illness
- Create undue anxiety for the patient
- Prolong unnecessary suffering
- Prevent the patient from working as well as enjoying everyday life.

When Ms. Vermette discussed her idea with Mr. Alexandre Rheaume, he advised her to learn more about the health care system in Cuba, which has a reputation for having one of the best health care systems in the world.

For over a year, Ms. Vermette and Mr. Rheaume visited clinics and hospitals in Cuba, met with doctors and surgeons, as well as hospital administrators. Finally an agreement was signed between Cubanacan Turismo y Salud and Health Services International.

On January 16th of 2007, a press conference was held to announce the good news in the field of health care:

There is a way to avoid endless waiting lists.

Since the birth of Health Services International, many Canadians have traveled to Cuba to take advantage of this expertise.

All of these patients returned happy with the treatment they received, healthy and reassured.