Soins othopédiquesOOrthopedic surgery in Cuba: It is often difficult to find qualified orthopedic surgeons in Canada. There are many highly trained and well qualified surgeons in Canada but it is very difficult to actually be seen by a specialized doctor. Long waiting lists have caused some patients to consider traveling outside of Canada for medical attention. Orthopedic surgeons are among the rarest of doctors. The scarcity of these specialists makes them some of the most difficult doctors to see.

Patients who are suffering are often placed on long waiting lists to see surgeons. This offers little hope to patients with immediate health care needs. These long waiting lists lead to two problems. Waiting for weeks, and in some cases months, to see a doctor is problematic because the patient is forced to endure unnecessary pain while he or she waits to be seen by a doctor. It is also important to note that some of these orthopedic deformities may become more difficult to diagnose and cure if left untreated for long.

HEALTH SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (HSI) SERVIMED understands that there is a growing need for surgeons and specialized doctors. This need is not being met here in Canada and we have found a solution to this mounting problem. By being treated in Cuba by doctors of world renown, patients can avoid long painful waits to see doctors. We offer the opportunity to be seen and treated by qualified doctors without the delays that one would encounter while trying to visit a doctor in Canada.

It is worth mentioning that Cuba has countless doctors and orthopedic surgeons who are highly skilled and eager to treat suffering patients from abroad. Many of our patients who have made the four hour flight to Cuba to be treated are very happy that they made that decision. Some have stated that it was the most important decision of their lives. These patients have found that their overall quality of life has improved, and they have been able to resume physical activities that they once enjoyed but had given up as a result of orthopedic disabilities.

At HEALTH SERVICES INTERNATIONAL (HSI) SERVIMED we believe that there is no reason to go on suffering when the solution may be a four hour airplane flight away.

These four hours, to get to Cuba, may be less time than you would spend in a hospital waiting room.

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