Message from the new president

It is as a professionally certified coach in personal development (PCC) and as a certified counselor in human resources (CRHA) that I had the pleasure to put my expertise and competence to the service of individuals and groups of all sizes in the public and private sectors.

Throughout my career I have developed a passion for the field of health care which has been reflected in my professional work. I made my start in the health care profession during college and have worked in the field as councilor in professional development over the last fifteen years.

After several exchanges with Mrs. Lucie Vermette, the founder of Health Services International (Servimed) Inc., we came to the conclusion that this company would benefit from the natural tendencies (altruism, authenticity, active listening) that permitted me to develop the confidence, the communication and the collaboration within work groups. These qualities will greatly serve those who seek an alternative solution to their health condition.

It is thus with great pleasure that I accept the role of president of Health Services International (Servimed) Inc. As I fill this position, I will ensure that anyone interested in seeking medical treatment in Cuba is provided with professional humane care each step of the way. I also commit to the optimal development of the superb enterprise set up by Mme Vermette. I look forward to serving you: Alain Leclerc, President of Heath Services International HSI (Servimed)

Alain Leclerc,
President – Health Services International (Servimed) Inc.

Phone : 1-877-774-2822